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Queue weighting load-balancing technique for database replication in dynamic content web sites Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS International Conference on APPLIED COMPUTER SCIENCE
Date : 2009-10-17

There is an ever increasing need for database replication in dynamic web sites to improve availability. However, the main problem in replication is load balancing. This paper presents new load balance technique to increase the performance of database replication in dynamic web depending on the type and weight of database server queue. We attempt at evaluation various load distribution policies, taking in account their ability to achieve good load balancing by using LBM (Load Balance Metric), and also their impact on performance by measuring the throughput. The telecommunication benchmark is used to compare the different policies of load balancing. The telecommunication benchmark, a powerful benchmarking tool, is used to test up to fifty database replicas that will play a great role in the evaluation process which could be performed through measurements on a web site that follows the TPC-W specifications. The results show that the Queue weighting Load Balancing has maximum LBM and best throughput.'