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Agent-based replication for scaling back-end databases of dynamic content web sites E Sarhan, A Ghalwash, M Khafagy Proceedings of the 12th WSEAS international conference on Computers, 857-862
Date : 2008-07-23

Replication has become a central element in modern information systems. It plays a great role in increasing the availability and performance. This paper presents the architecture, implementation and performance of a new replication technique which is concerned with the back-end database of dynamic sites. The presented technique, so called “Agent-Scheduling”, uses agents, in both the application server and the back-end database, in order to replace the scheduler. The telecommunication benchmark, which is considered as a powerful benchmark, used to test up-to fifty database replicas that will play a great role in the evaluation process which could be performed through measurements on a web site that follows the TPC-W specifications. Moreover, test results show that Agent-Scheduling throughput and response time outperform other algorithms especially with large clusters.'