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Specification and implementation of dynamic web site benchmark in telecommunication area
Date : 2008-07-23

Whenever we talk about the internet, it goes without question that web sites with dynamic contents such as (e-commerce, telecom etc.) are more substantial compared to static content web sites. So, the need of more benchmarks that will guide us in the research in this area must have features like minimum response time, fault tolerance, distribution, efficiency, flexibility, security and compatibility. This paper presents architecture, implementation and performance of new benchmarks for evaluating the performance of web sites with dynamic content. We implement the TPC-W specification for building dynamic-content applications (C# and Oracle 10g Database). We also provided a client simulator that allows dynamic content web server to be driven with various workloads. This benchmark has the ability to study the clustering for dynamic contents, compare different application implementation methods, and study the effect of different workload characteristics on the servers’ performance.'